How we handle stuff.

Terms of service

We look forward to being open and simple as possible.

Whilst using our service, you agree to NOT:

  • Upload and distribute content that includes or is related to terrorism and child porn.
  • Spread content that includes or is related to malware and other malicious software.

Privacy policy

We aim to be very privacy friendly.

Uploads on are anonymous and require no sign up, this guarantees that the person who uploaded a file will always remain unknown, of course if they decide to not take credit for it.

That being said, we promise to you, that we will:

  • Always protect you as a user or visitor.
  • Not log anything sensitive that can lead to your real identity (for e.g: IP address, User-agent and all other types of browser fingerprinting).
  • Never sell your data (we have nothing to sell).


We allow all file types to be uploaded.

We cannot guarantee all files to be safe and non-malicious because this is a public service. We do guarantee that we will take action against that if you fill out a reasonable and meaningful report by contacting our abuse department.

Uploads are stored encrypted and private, nobody will have access to your files unless you give them the download link.

We reserve the right to remove any file from our network for any reason.

Our service aims to be used mainly for lawful and legal purposes only, we do not promote or engage in anything that is illegal.